Online Casinos with BTC

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Great Reasons To Use Bitcoins At Online Casinos

Bitcoins is nothing but the term given to a new, revolutionary form of digital currency which was introduced back in the year 2009 by a person or a group who went by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin unlike the Dollar or the Euro or any other currency has no physical, tangible form. The Bitcoin is a crypto – currency which is basically virtual money, however, you can still use this just like you would Dollars or Euros to buy products and \ or services.

Currently, the Bitcoin is worth more than 12 000 US dollars (At the time of writing). Many economists have termed the Bitcoin the currency of the future and have already been proved right to an extent by the sheer popularity the Bitcoin has gained in such an incredibly short span of time.

Where can I get Bitcoins?

If you want to board the Bitcoin train and buy yourself some Bitcoins, you may do so at Bitcoin Exchanges which are basically online websites which buy and \ or sell Bitcoins. So you can go ahead and use regular money to Buy Bitcoins and if you so desire, then you can sell your Bitcoins for other traditional currencies.

However, keep in mind that Bitcoin exchanges, at the end of the day, are basically profit seeking business and so they sell their Bitcoins at a rate slightly higher than the actual rate of the Bitcoin at the time of the sale and vice versa, they buy their Bitcoins at a slightly lower rate than the actual rate of the Bitcoin during the time of purchase. Essentially, this is how they make money as a Bitcoin Exchange (exactly identical to other traditional foreign currency exchanges).

Advantages of the Bitcoin specifically for online gambling

Bitcoins have certain pros when contrasted with other traditional forms of currencies and some of these pros are especially helpful and advantageous to online gamblers. In fact, for precisely these advantages, nearly 40 – 50% of all Bitcoin transactions are associated with online gambling. The perks of using Bitcoins for the purpose of online gambling are as follows – Anonymity – Online Gamblers, or at least most of them, are big on being anonymous and untraceable. This is possible with Bitcoins as Bitcoin transactions are peer to peer and completely private and untraceable by anyone else but the two parties that are involved in the transaction.

No fees – we are all sick and tired of the countless processing and transaction fees that banks levy on us. However, because Bitcoin transactions are peer to peer and banks are not even involved in the equation, Bitcoin transactions are fee free.

No jurisdictive restrictions – depending on where you are in the world and who you bank with, transactions associated with online gambling may simply be refused or declined by your Bank. However, with the use of the Bitcoin, this issue is completely eradicated.

Instant payouts and deposits – Bitcoin transactions are lightening quick and online gamblers absolutely love that.